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The Most Important Medicinal Plants You'll Have in Your Backyard

medicinal garden kit

Transform your backyard into a healing haven with the Medicinal Garden Kit. This expertly curated kit features ten powerful herbal seeds, each renowned for its healing properties. Worried about care? Our comprehensive manual makes gardening a breeze. Click to start your natural wellness journey today!

The Medicinal Garden Kit is a gardening kit containing a printed manual and ten seed packets.

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A Complete Natural Pharmacy in Your Backyard

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Dr.Nicole made this Medicinal Garden Kit because she wanted to empower other people to take their health into their own hands, just as she did.

she think everyone should have a medicinal garden in their backyard. She see no reason to take something made in lab, when you can first try a natural remedy you grow at home. You can easily go and pick the remedy you need at any time. Your backyard pharmacy will be there for you even in times of crisis when regular pharmacies might be closed or looted.

Imagine stepping into your backyard and looking at your new colourful medicinal garden. Your backyard will smell of fresh lavender and chamomile.

You can pick any of these medicinal plants and turn it into the remedy you need.

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She’ve gathered all the seeds for 10 herbs, inside the Medicinal Garden Kit. All these seeds have been handpicked from the very best plants, as she wanted nothing less than premium quality seeds. 

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With your seeds kit, you’ll also receive a FREE copy of Herbal Medicinal Guide: From Seeds to Remedies. This guide will show you how to turn these 10 plants into tinctures, ointments, salves, poultices, decoctions, infusions, essential oils —all in minute detail so you can follow our guide even if you’ve never made an herbal medicine in your life.

What Is The Medicinal Garden Kit?

The Medicinal Garden Kit serves as a remarkable means to transform your backyard into a veritable pharmacy. Crafted by Nicole Apelian, this kit boasts ten potent herbal seeds that can provide valuable relief from various ailments. Worried about plant care? Rest easy, as the product is accompanied by a comprehensive instruction manual elucidating the usage of these medicinal plants.

Within the herbal seeds of the Medicinal Garden Kit lie the crucial antioxidants and nutrients essential for our diets. Owning a compact backyard pharmacy is indeed a worthy investment, offering solace during times of pain, severe infections, and even bouts of cold and fever.
Imagine waking up each morning to the invigorating aroma of fresh, revitalizing air in your lungs – that's precisely what the Medicinal Garden Kit offers!

The Medicinal Garden Kit provides an excellent starting point for cultivating your medicinal plants. It encompasses a variety of seeds and containers, coupled with clear instructions on their nurturing and application in your treatments.

This kit caters to individuals of all gardening skill levels, whether you're a beginner or possess intermediate or advanced expertise. It presents a hassle-free method to commence growing your medicinal solutions right at home, promising a harvest rich in nutrients and antioxidants, contributing to your overall well-being.

About Nicole Apelian, Ph.D

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Dr. Nicole Apelian is an herbalist, a mother, a survival skills instructor, and a biologist.

She graduated with a degree in Biology from McGill University in Canada and has her Master’s degree in Ecology from the University of Oregon.

She earned her Doctorate through Prescott College while working as an anthropologist and ethnobotanist in Botswana.

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She has spent years living in nature with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, one of the last indigenous peoples who still live as hunter-gatherers.

Developing strong relationships within the tribe helped Nicole learn many of the remedies and skills she practices and teaches today.

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An unexpected diagnosis of MS in 2000 led Nicole to apply her research skills towards her own personal wellness.

She focused on a healthy living strategy, including deep nature connection and gratitude practices.

Through changes in her lifestyle, and using her own remedies, Nicole went from bedridden to being fully alive and from surviving to thriving.

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And in 2015 she was among the first women to be selected for the History Channel’s TV show Alone.

She then went on to survive for 57 days straight alone in the wild with little more than the plants that she found there.

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Nicole believes that there are many more people who need to take advantage of the healthy, free wild food growing in their area.

This became her life’s mission and the main reason for writing this book. In it she poured over 28 years of plant knowledge and her first-hand experiences in both making natural remedies and finding foods in the wild.

What are the Benefits of a Medicinal Garden Kit?

1. Natural Healing: The kit enables you to grow and utilize medicinal plants, providing natural remedies for various health conditions without the side effects often associated with pharmaceuticals.

2. Cost Savings: By cultivating your own medicinal plants, you can significantly reduce expenses on store-bought medications, potentially saving hundreds of dollars annually.

3. Accessible Healthcare: It empowers individuals of all gardening skill levels, making natural medicine accessible to everyone, including those with no prior gardening experience.

4. Rich in Nutrients: The plants in the kit are a source of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, enhancing your overall nutritional intake.

5. Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Many of the plants possess anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in pain relief and reducing inflammation.

6. Environmental Benefits: Growing your own plants contributes positively to the environment by supporting local biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions associated with pharmaceutical production.

6. Environmental Benefits: Growing your own plants contributes positively to the environment by supporting local biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions associated with pharmaceutical production.

7. Mental Well-Being: Gardening itself can promote mental well-being by providing a calming and stress-relieving activity.

8. Self-Reliance: It fosters self-sufficiency by allowing you to take control of your health and well-being through natural remedies.

9. Comprehensive Guide: The kit includes a detailed guide on planting, nurturing, and harvesting the plants, ensuring your success in cultivating your natural pharmacy.

10. Healthier Lifestyle: By incorporating medicinal plants into your routine, you can adopt a healthier lifestyle and reduce reliance on synthetic medications.

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Basic Knowledge Of Medicinal Garden Kit

The Medicinal Garden Kit also offers an accompanying eBook, designed to empower individuals with knowledge about potent plants and their profound effects on the human body. Within this eBook, readers discover how to cultivate and utilize these plants naturally, without resorting to insecticides. This knowledge enables them to create a garden in their backyard or even a compact space that receives direct sunlight.

Moreover, plants and trees play a pivotal role in benefiting the environment, offering rejuvenating air and delightful fragrances that are particularly advantageous for the lungs. Medical professionals consistently advocate for morning walks amidst greenery to inhale the fresh air produced by these botanical wonders.

The Medicinal Garden Kit not only imparts wisdom on plant cultivation but also guides users on how to nurture and sustain these plants for years to come, long after they have been utilized.

This Medicinal Garden Kit is thoughtfully designed to be accessible to individuals of all gardening proficiency levels, even those with no prior experience.

Within the eBook, users gain comprehensive insights into the benefits of ten remarkably robust medicinal plants, which can be harnessed for therapeutic purposes and to enrich their dietary intake with essential nutrients. This knowledge empowers users to establish their own natural home pharmacy, replete with numerous health benefits for themselves and their families.

Medicinal Garden Kit Book Topics

She carefully wrote each topic of Medicinal Garden Kit after detailed research on plants and herbs:

  • 10 Most Powerful Plants: Marshmallow, Chicory, California Poppy, Yarrow, Evening Primrose, Chamomile, Lavender, Calendula, Echinacea, and Feverfew.
  • Detailed Information about how to harvest and cultivate these plants and seeds.
  • How these plants are extracted and converted into ointments, tinctures, poultices, salves, infusions, essential oils, and decoctions.
  • How to use these plants in daily food cooking.
  • Explain each plant's benefit on human health
  • Which plants provide relaxing and calming effects?
  • Even includes some herbal remedies to cure skin, digestion, immune system, and damage nerve problems.
  • How long should it be consumed to free from inflammation and pain-related condition?
  • How to protect these plants from harsh weather, cyclones, and thunderstorm.
  • How to preserve excess fruits for emergency or survival situations.

The 10 Medicinal Plants You'll Have in Your Backyard:

1. Chicory – The Painkilling Plant You Should Grow in Your Backyard:

Chicory is the wild plant that Native Americans used to look for more than any other. They’d harvest and use chicory to make a natural painkilling extract for a wide range of physical discomforts, especially stiff and achy joints. And so can you! The root is rich in chicoric acid (CA), a plant compound with potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties but no risk of addiction. If our pharmacies ever run dry, having even a small patch of chicory growing in your own backyard will provide relief.

Quick Backyard Remedy: Add 1 Tbsp of ground chicory root to your coffee or tea. It’s a prebiotic and natural laxative that will help move things along and regulate your bowels.

2. Yarrow – The Backyard Wound Healer:

You always want to have a quick and reliable way to stop a wound from bleeding and help prevent infection. Yarrow does both.

Quick Backyard Remedy: If you ever get a toothache, try chewing on a fresh yarrow leaf as it will numb the area and provide needed relief.

3. California Poppy – Better Than Sleeping Pills:

California poppy helps support a restorative, deep sleep like we enjoyed as children, when falling and staying asleep for at least eight hours each night were both effortless. Why risk the addiction of prescription sleeping pills when you can make your own Sleep Tea from this plant?

Quick Backyard Remedy: Gather any of these: leaves, flowers, or stems. Cut finely, add to a cup or pot, and pour hot water. Let it steep for about 10 minutes. Drink warm just before bed for deep, uninterrupted, and restful sleep that night.

4. Marshmallow – The Most Powerful Plant for a Healthy Digestive System :

When most people hear marshmallow, they tend to picture the white fluffy treat commonly roasted over a campfire. Traditionally these were made from the root of the marshmallow plant, a powerful medicinal herb that you’ll want to grow yourself at home. Its leaves and root are antibacterial, and most importantly, they contain a sap-like substance called mucilage.

As the marshmallow mucilage goes down through your digestive tract, it will coat your stomach, intestines, and colon with an additional protective layer, soothing inflammation it finds along the way. That’s why this tea also helps people with stomach ulcers and digestive disorders, such as heartburn, indigestion, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, or Chron’s disease.

Quick Backyard Remedy: Pull out a few marshmallow roots, wash off the dirt, and add them to a glass jar or cup. Cover with ice-cold water and let the mucilage extract for a few hours. Drink for a soothing and restorative effect all along your digestive tract, from mouth to colon.

5. Chamomile – The Natural Antibiotic :

It’s very soothing, and it helps relax your digestive muscles. You can also use this plant to make your own chamomile oil, which is still probably one of the best natural skin remedies out there. Researchers believe that’s because chamomile oil can penetrate even the deep layers of your skin, where true healing takes place.

Quick Backyard Remedy: Take a handful of dried or fresh chamomile leaves and add them to a warm bath. Step inside to relax your entire body, especially sore muscles, and aching joints.

6. Evening Primrose – A Natural Remedy for Skin and Nerves:

This plant is called evening primrose because its flowers open at sunset. Each bloom lasts for only one night. Our forefathers would use it to make a poultice for bruises, wounds, and skin eruptions. Turns out they were right. This plant contains two substances our skin needs but cannot produce on its own (gamma-linolenic acid and linolenic acid).

They’re also very important for the membranes of nerve cells, and that’s probably why more and more people with unresolved nerve pain are turning to this plant. Evening primrose can also help to balance out hormone levels. If you ever feel like you’re constantly fatigued, you gain weight inexplicably, or you’re simply unable to tolerate hot or cold temperatures like you used to, then you might be dealing with a hormonal imbalance

Quick Backyard Remedy: Grab a leaf or root of the plant and crush it to make a poultice. Apply it directly to a wound or skin rash to promote healing.

7. Lavender – The Perennial Anti-Inflammatory Herb:

You’re probably familiar with how this aromatic plant can keep moths from dining on your winter wardrobe. But if you use it medicinally, it can offer so much more! A recent double-blind study concluded that lavender oil cuts down anxiety to the same extent as taking a 0.5 mg daily dose of Lorazepam, a popular anxiety drug.

A lavender tincture used alongside a regular antidepressant can help you recover from mild to moderate depression a lot faster and lower the chance for a relapse. And if you just rub a few drops of lavender oil on your scalp every day, it will improve blood flow, strengthen hair follicles, and even help with lost hair. That and the divine scent it has is why I like to mix it with my shampoo.

Quick Backyard Remedy: Gather some fresh lavender from your garden and put it in a small herb pouch. Place the pouch inside your sleeping pillow or under your mattress. It will ward off mosquitos and other insects and help you fall asleep faster.

8. Echinacea – The Most Powerful Immunity Plant You Should Grow:

When it comes to our health, the immune system is king. A strong one might save you even if you’re very sick and have no medicines available. A weak immune system might not, even if you have all the best medicines and doctors by your side. There’s no better plant for taking care of your immune system than echinacea.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking that supplements bought at the health store can even compare with the natural medicines you can make from organic plants you grow yourself. That’s true for all plants but especially for echinacea, which has fallen prey to its own popularity. It is one of the most counterfeited natural supplements out there. So why risk a bad batch that will do little more than a placebo? Better to grow your own patch.

Quick Backyard Remedy: Dig up some echinacea roots and slice them rather thinly. Put them in a pot with water and let everything simmer for 30 minutes. Drink hot for an immune boost at the first sign of a cold or any other illness.

9. Calendula – The Herb You Need to Keep Close During Dark Times

calendula salve to speed up healing and minimize scarring for wounds, scrapes, cuts, sores, burns, and scalds and to deal with all manner of rashes or insect bites. As a tea, calendula does something really unique and important. It moves lymphatic fluid and cleanses your lymphatic system from the mucky remnants of old infections and the metabolic waste we all accumulate over time. This is absolutely vital for continued good health and something no modern drug does, to the best of my knowledge.

Quick Backyard Remedy: During the Civil War, calendula flowers were packed directly into open wounds, and they were used by surgeons when dressing wounds to promote healing and prevent infection.

What You'll Find in Your Medicinal Garden Kit

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You cannot find these 10 seeds in one package anywhere else. Before I made it, I had been looking for something like this for a long, long time.

And I would have been willing to pay A LOT for it. Just think about how much money you spend at the pharmacy. The average American spends $1742 each year. I think your new backyard pharmacy will save you at least a few hundreds of that. That's what I call a good investment.

Within your Medicinal Garden Kit, you'll discover ten separate packages, each containing a specific seed type. These packages encompass a total of 2,409 high-quality, NON-GMO seeds, carefully packaged in the United States.
Even if you're a complete novice when it comes to gardening, cultivating these ten plants will pose no difficulty. Comprehensive instructions on planting, nurturing, and harvesting each variety can be found in the complimentary Herbal Medicinal Guide: From Seeds to Remedies, which you'll receive along with your Medicinal Garden Kit.

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BUT, that doesn't even matter, because you are investing in something much more important: your health! If you want to treat yourself naturally, than this is the medicinal garden you want to have in your backyard.Don't take your health for granted like I did. Do not wait for it to deteriorate, to do something about it. One day it might be too late. Click on the button below now to get this medicinal garden in your backyard and start taking care of your health naturally.

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With your Medicinal Garden Kit, you’ll always have one reliable, safe, and completely free natural alternative within easy reach. All 10 of these healing plants are good companions for vegetables and fruit trees, but you can also plant them in the front yard if you wish. Most of the medicinal herbs found in the kit are perennials that die in the winter and re-emerge in the spring or self-seeding annuals that become well established after the first year.

365 Days Money-Back Guarantee

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And because I have such faith in the Medicinal Garden Kit, it comes with a full 365 days money-back guarantee.

But my guess is you’ll never want a refund, because these seeds and the 10 plants they create will end up saving you A LOT more money in the long run than what you’re paying for them today.

So, click on the button below to get your medicinal garden kit, risk free!

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